You Should Carefully Think of What to Do First in the Morning. Morning is a start of the whole day, that’s why the way you spend your morning greatly affects the results you can achieve later. This period of the day is considered one of the most favorable for mental activity since our brain is the most active. It is a well-known fact that successful people usually are larks, so maybe it’s high time to follow their example. Here we gathered a few things you definitely should include in your daily plan.


It may sound common but that’s true. While exercising your body not only spend energy but also produce it. So this is a remarkable way to charge batteries of your organism and wake up. Moreover, you increase your body resources, make your outlook positive, and become self-disciplined.

Warm up your brain

Our brain also needs some support. In the morning a general atmosphere is much calmer and quitter that in the rest of the day, for that reason it is a perfect opportunity to read. Your brain can easily focus on the material, so you can get more information for a shorter time and warm up your cognitive abilities before performing more complex tasks – to write essay or make calculations.

Positive thinking

Start your day with a positive self-talk. This practice empowers everyone to make amazing and unbelievable things. This takes only a few minutes but its results will support your spirit during many hours.

Make a plan and set goals

The easiest way to realize this point is to create a to-do list. You unite on the one sheet of paper all tasks you have to accomplish within the day, and thus you make your life more orderly. In addition to that, you learn how to prioritize things and pay attention to the most important ones. It pretty hard to live in the chaotic environment, and plans and goals make it streamlined. Plan your day carefully and you will see how productive you can be. If you have some big goal you can divide it into several smaller and achieve them one by one.

Find the opportunity to just think

If you face any challenges, you need to find some time to think about it for a period without interruption. You shouldn’t deal with abstract things; on the contrary, you should be as specific as possible. For example, if you aim to study abroad you have to deal with specific programs and colleges. Probably, you won’t find enough time to think, and morning is a perfect opportunity for this. Imagine your day and how it brings you closer to the main goal.

Have a breakfast

This meal is basic for everyone, and you can’t skip it at all. Any breakfast (of course, a healthy breakfast is preferable) has a huge number of benefits for you; it boosts your mental and physical power and affects the overall health of the body. There is a category of people who always complain about the constant lack of time. Frankly speaking, when people really want something, they can always find a solution. If you don’t have enough time to cook breakfast in the morning, you can think about it the night before, that’s why any excuses can’t take place.